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SAP Data Services
(ETL) Technical Expert - Analyst / Developer


For a big account specialized in HR, we took charge of the datamarts' loadings at first, and quickly evolved towards the function of delivery manager.

In a multi-developer team and in order to maintain accuracy in the developments, we also have been led to create and follow up on development standards and best practices.

In this very environment, we also carried out the migration project, from version 11.7 to 14.2 : installation, setup, jobs migration, technical tests, non-regression tests, double run, coordination with the other teams (DBA, infrastructure) were our contribution.


Another client contracted us to create a new, clean infrastructure and install their ETL jobs on it. Documentation (install procedure, supervising document) was to provide.

SAP Business Objects


Several punctual interventions to realize complex operations such as platform patching, Infoview customizing, (un)cluster BO servers...

We also audit platforms prior to any migration project, as we find it mandatory to avoid additional, unexpected costs.

We build new Business Intelligence platforms and set them up according to your business needs, even implementing changes in the authentication modes during the process, and set up SSO for user comfort.

Last but not least, we have defined and implemented the technical migration of a XI3.1 platform to the newest BI4.1 SP6 platform.

Here are presented some of the missions carried out by our consultant. For further information, don't hesitate to contact us directly.


"FSPI fund" monitoring application


The government has been granting a special funding which aims at increasing eligible temps' employment length. The client needed an application for measuring the use of this fund and verifying that the governmental demands are matched.

Our contribution was to collect the users' demands, to implement and propose Qlikview dashboards for them to monitor the achievement of the fixed goals.

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